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To seize market opportunities and Yishui ancient 61 using its own solid economic and technical. Personnel strength and the successful operation of market experience. Priority will be the exclusive choice of a number of regional agents will be huge profit. broader space for development, and abundant market resources agents authorized to operate as monopolies, headquarters with the full support and coordinate. So that agents quickly become the leading regional market forces, this brought the majestic League, formed intertwined. Benign interactive marketing networks, nudging Yishui ancient characteristics of the 61 brands.

一. Eligible for a regional agency. Franchising has all the basic conditions;

2. We have a certain strength, good business reputation and investment intentions, risk awareness;

3. Acting regional level, Ghana corresponding regional sole agent;

4. with the regional market chain development planning and market development capability accomplish certain amount of reality to achieve certain sales performance;

5. and franchisee support, League support growth with the awareness and ability;

6. to fulfill signing period two years or more. subordinate to the headquarters of the unified management and market macro air system.

二. Acting regional power with an edge. Acting as the right to the exclusive agent of the region, the introduction of a number of its own business support shop;

1. Acting in the right region there are plans to develop a chain store, Brand Jiamengbi charge, access to domestic profits.

2. different levels of the agents can enjoy different agent prices, completion of the annual targets for the contract may again enjoy different Fandian incentives;

3. Acting in the right region of wholesale sales of products or do group sales orders;

4. In case of over-year sales contracts completed tasks may again enjoy the headquarters of the Fan Dian incentives.

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