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1.Why did he choose such a franchisee :

   As China's economic prosperity and the people's standard of living is gradually improving. Both collections industry, gifts sectors of the family decorations, it has been a pursuit of a higher grade. Well investment art industry will face a huge market demand for the industry after the strong force is self-evident, Popular said the trades on the streets are crowded the first break, which will have arisen to maintain their operations. Only leading provider and the trend of the industry can be a first not to strengthen itself, to make it invincible. And our business community is consistent with industry trends. Have you noticed that this is extremely rare professional management, is not it? Do a consumer guide, the pioneer fashion, then also worry about profits?

2. Supply channels of supply (others do not products)

   Yishui ancient Yan extremely individual, Overweening. shop operators in the rear is able to provide a professional production with sales experience in the factory. That is to say not only reduces the cost of purchases with the sales experience for reference, for your business shop a convenient time. will be held in accordance with market requirements extent stop ordering, provides marketing. Union to meet the wholly varieties business model. and the key point is our own product design has the exclusive professional technology. Processing products directly to the joining hands not only to protect the unique nature of the product so as to prevent the spread of the market. This is the operating characteristics of the winning magic wand.

3. Product positioning (Holdings is a wholly professional products)

   Discussion about the use of ancient 61 philatelic collection and appreciation as a gift for one, then the market potential for a very bright wide. Jun see whether or not? before organs, enterprises buy gifts are what purses, clothing, belt, and so on. These follow the national side, so get away are marketed worldwide, the consortium, and so on gen. Chinese cigarettes Maotai, etc., but as people raise the grade of what has been a vulgar. Then you choose Yishui ancient 61, your grade is the embodiment of noble, but the level of social groups also evolved from, positioning your products should also be various low-grade high school. in response to the request of various grades. We provide products gem - Head, it should sector too busy, can not put it down. You can choose the focus of their business varieties and positioning direction.

4. Price positioning (sincerely prices)

  Product prices will fit? That is why we join the advantage. Availability Direct, the direct consumer of cotton teams, Multi-link regions and lower operating costs. All League uniform discounts ordered products company will guide price given. However, a franchisee can depending on the region, Different levels of consumption own adjustments. However, the guidance should be the basis of price fluctuations. positioning all reasonable requests, to educate customers genuine philosophy, long-term, stable clients, to facilitate greater market development.

5. Joining methods and operating costs


We in the industry is the trend of industry characteristics, in order to maintain this characteristic, We will strictly control the number of franchisee. Regional signed exclusive distribution contract. Jiamengbi local level or provincial-level cities each District units, each regional 5,000 yuan. After signing the contract, Union shops will enjoy unity discounts. Special offers specialty products priority supply and training of personnel and thoughtful service. We suggest interested to The cause of so customers can see our company, consulting, employing, procurer. Of course, we will also provide photographs, information. However, in order to better understand the products, in-kind more convincing. also calls advice, reached an initial agreement. subsequent journeys, booking. If we do not intend to do franchisee. but only the distribution products can of course. Availability prices but we will rise accordingly. . wait for the future signing of the incorporation of local operators over the management of both Jiamengbi bound urging both sides to make more of the responsibility of this cause.


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